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Services & Rates

All services include updates and pictures of your pets, as well as, a free initial in-home consultation. The meet and greet are essential to meet your pet(s) to become familiar with your home or farm routine and discuss all useful information about your pet’s needs. This is also your opportunity to get to know us as well.  Because at No Worries! Pet Service, we believe you should be worry free no matter where you roam, knowing your pets are happy and safe at home. 

Express Visit/$18

The express visit is a quick drop-in visit where your pets are fed, given fresh water, a potty break, and loving attention. This service is perfect for those mid-day potty breaks for senior dogs and puppies in training who can’t hold it in all day. Cat owners enjoy this service for their independent felines. It provides security knowing they’re ok and us time to clean litter boxes, check on the food, and play time if they grant it. Or maybe you own a hobby farm with easy- feeders, such as chickens or barn cats who just need their food and water filled to be happy. 

Adding this service can also be used for a personal assistant to run errands for your pet or household needs. Limited service area includes; Grants Pass, Merlin and Rogue River.

Standard Visit – $25

The most popular choice among pet owners. This visit is 30 minutes and includes a potty break, feeding, cleaning up any potential messes, and providing personal attention to your pets. Those with dogs and multi-pet owners our standard visit provides your pets with enough time to ensure that all pets are eating, have plenty of fresh water, and play time with lots of attention. This service is also perfect if you’d  like to have your plants watered, mail picked up, garabge brought to the crub, and lights turned on or off as needed. 

Adding this service can also be used for a personal assistant to run errands for your pet or household needs.

Extended Visit – $40

If you have many animals that need attention or special needs, this option allows for more un-divided personal time and attention to attend to each pet as you desire. Extended visits are perfect for those with hobby farms or energetic dogs that require exercise to remain happy and content. This visit lasts an hour and includes playtime and allows plenty of time for your pet to eat their food and have fresh water bowls to make sure they have plenty to drink. We are happy to take your dog for a hike on a nearby pet trail, or a jog around a block, just ask! 

Adding this service can also be used for a personal assistant to run errands for your pet or household needs.

*Does your household or farm need longer than an hour? That can be arranged!

*Our minimum standard for care requires 2 visits for dogs or overnight care, and 1 visit for cats and other easy feeders, who don’t require much attention per 24 hours.

Overnight – $85

Your pets will have companionship in the evening and overnight. Overnight pet sitting includes in home care with evening routine plus P.M. walking/play time, and morning pet care routine plus A.M. walk/play time. Most over nights start around 7 pm to 7 am. If an additional mid-day service is needed, we suggest adding a drop-in visit.

*Hobby farm pricing with multiple animals please contact No Worries! Pet Service.   We understand not all hobby farms are the same and the needs of each hobby farm can vary.

After Hours or Emergency Drop in Visit 7 $10 add-on

After hours or emergency drop-in visits are great for when something comes up or you work varied hours, went out with friends after work, stuck at the airport, car broke down, enjoying a wedding/ party or bad weather has you running late. No worries! We’re here to make sure your pets are cared for.  Just add a $10 fee to any  drop-in visit pricing. This service requires a meet and greet beforehand or must be a current client.

We’re happy to discuss a plan that works best for your vacation and your budget. 

Dog Walking Services:

Walk time is your dogs favorite thing but when you get home from a busy day, you may only want to have cuddle time. Let No Worries! give your pup the sniffs and exercise they crave and you get all the cuddles.

15- minute express walk – $18  Limited service area includes; Grants Pass and Rogue River.
30- minute standard walk-  $25
60- minute extended walk – $40