Why Choose Us?

No Worries! Pet Service understands how important it is for you to have peace of mind knowing your pets are happy and safe at home while you are away! Boarding facilities can be very stressful for your pets. Unfamiliar feeding schedules, new smells, sounds, and other animals can lead to behavior and health problems! We will visit your home or hobby farm to meet with you and your pets. A file on each animal’s needs, behaviors & health issues is made to ensure care is exactly the way you care for them. Our knowledge includes caring for animals with special needs and we have dealt with situations such as horse flu, colic, summer sores, cuts, eye abrasions, and seizures. We are your best choice for horse care! Shea has cared for horses since childhood and is comfortable standing in for you with a farrier or veterinarian if necessary.

We believe a pet care provider is more than a website with a catchy name! We are reliable, experienced professionals that have a genuine concern for all animals. We won’t panic if your pet is in need or requires special care. Shea worked for 6 years as a laboratory manager for a Poultry Veterinary Research company and has worked alongside veterinarians caring for and researching medicines for poultry. She’s completed dog obedience and ability training & currently volunteer at the Josephine County Animal Shelter as a dog walker. Shea also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Environmental Sciences from St Cloud State University in Minnesota.

To get started, please call 541-507-7269 or e-mail us at info.noworriespet@gmail.com .