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Leash Pulling! Make it Stop!

Leash PullingWhy do dogs pull when on a leash? It’s simple. They want to move faster than you do. Here are some easy tips to stop leash pulling.

Slow them down by using up some of that energy before taking them outside to walk. Throw a ball to retrieve, play tug of war with their favorite toy or whatever your dog loves to do to burn off energy.

The best place to start your training is indoors. After exercising put the leash on your dog and walk them around the house. Use treats to reward good behaviors. If they’re good at sit, ask them to sit often, reward often. If they’re good at another trick they do well, use that while training. Train and reward. Acknowledge their excelling with “Yes, Good Dog!”

If you see they’re about ready to pull, stop and have them come to you, sit and reward. Remember we’re not asking for perfection, only improvement. Also, don’t tug the leash when you change direction. Reward them for the behaviors you like.

Don’t overdo the inside training. Move outside once you’ve some success. Make sure when you exit your house that you step out first in front of your dog. This will tell them YOU are the leader. Never let your dog go first especially when they are on a leash!

When your dog sees or hears a distraction stand in front of them, and when you have their attention and not the distraction, give them a reward and a “Good Dog!” This is where you show them that you understand what’s happening is not harmful. You’re the leader and in control of the situation.

Have fun and try counting how many steps you can get without any pulling on the leash. I prefer using a harness to speed up the process and to have more control. Don’t lose confidence if it takes a little while, it will be well worth the effort! Good Luck!